Before I met my CASA volunteer, I did not have faith in people who were supposed to help me.
— Former CASA youth

 CASA of San Mateo County pairs foster children with community volunteers who provide one-on-one support, mentoring and advocacy in the courtroom and beyond. You could be one of our caring, dedicated CASA Volunteers who help children heal from trauma and access the services they need to thrive. Join a national network of more than 76,000 volunteers standing up for the rights of abused and neglected children in their community. 

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The CASA Story
We see news stories every day about children who are taken from their homes because of abuse, neglect or the tragic loss of a parent to illness or incarceration. We assume there is a system that will take care of these children and make sure they are given a safe place to live, heal, and be a child again.

There is a story behind the story that few people speak about. It is the story of the overburdened foster care system that – though full of deeply committed people – cannot begin to meet the needs of the children they serve.

It’s the story of a 6 year old who has been moved to 6 homes and 3 schools over the past 2 years. The story of a toddler separated from her siblings during the most vulnerable time of her life. The story of a child being handed all his belongings in a plastic bag at the age of 18 because he has “aged out” of the system.

You Can Have A Positive Impact on A Foster Child’s Story

There are ways to help. These stories can have better endings because there is a group of trained volunteers, appointed by judges, to advocate for these children. People who build relationships with these abused and neglected children and make sure their basic rights and essential needs don’t get overlooked or ignored by the system.

Join a network of committed volunteers – from all walks of life – who believe society has a fundamental obligation to these children.  Join the fight to make sure that every child has the right to be treated with dignity, to be safe, and to thrive in the embrace of a loving family. As a trained CASA Volunteer, you can provide mentoring and advocacy to a child who needs your support to heal from trauma and access services that will help him or her thrive.

CASA Volunteers make a difference

"CASA volunteers are in our courtrooms daily assisting us with reviewing kids' progress. And that is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the good they accomplish in the community."

-The Honorable Marta S. Diaz                      
-The Honorable Clifford V. Cretan               
-Judges of Juvenile Division, San Mateo County

"Advocates enhance my work with children. The one-to-one time spent with children provides a stable and nurturing environment that helps improve their self-esteem and future hopes." -Social Worker

"Special thanks to our CASA volunteer Ms. Margaret. It is a blessing to hear that Ms. Margaret wants to stay with James through high school. Margaret is part of our family and we all love her and she always includes the other boys when she is able. I thank God for her daily." -Foster Parent

“Thanks for the books. Really I like it a lot. Also thanks for looking out for me. It means a lot to me as it means to you. You have helped me a lot and I really appreciate it a whole lot, only I don’t know how to repay you. I really don’t know much about friends but if I were to have a friend it’s you. Thanks Emily it means a lot to me.” -CASA Youth