June 2016 CASA of the Month

Our amazing CASA Volunteers make a difference in the lives of foster children every day. For your inspiration, we like to spotlight one of these everyday heroes as CASA Volunteer of the Month. This month we are pleased to feature Venecia Jacobs. (Please feel free to like, comment or share and help honor this Volunteer.)

Venecia Jacobs

  • Why did you decide to become a CASA Volunteer?
    As a long time site board member(more than 5 years) of Shelter Network (which became InnVision and is now LifeMoves), I realized that though that was really rewarding, I really wanted to work with an individual and try to impact one life. One of our members told me about CASA.  Because of the support of my family, I knew I could dedicate the time needed to become a CASA.
  • How long have you been a CASA Volunteer and how many children have you worked with?
    I have been a CASA since August 2013. I have had the greatest experience to date and have only worked with 1 young person. We are still together, and it’s been a learning experience for both of us. We have navigated some stormy waters together but she is graduating high school today - that is a BIG deal to both of us!  I think she’s amazing.
  • What do you like best about volunteering with CASA?
    We have enjoyed the gamut of experiences. We have taken advantage of free tours at Stanford, walks on the beach, many school meetings, quick cups of coffee at cafés, pizza at Costco, dress rehearsal performances of Cirque de Soleil , or a 30-minute chat while driving her to school once in a while. Truthfully, they have all been good experiences. Even the not so good is good because I feel like it was important to her.  She has made my life better for sure. 
  • How has being a CASA Volunteer positively impacted your life?
    Being a CASA is so rewarding I talk about it all the time, and I talk about how proud I am of my student, A LOT. I think because I have talked about it a lot, one of my dear friends who lives in a different area has become a CASA. So, I am super happy that my positive experience encouraged someone else to become a CASA volunteer.  
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself:
    Fun fact…I LOVE music.  I am a volunteer EMT for RockMed and as such get to see all kinds of live music, in between helping those that maybe had a little too much fun.