Learn More about Fostering a Child


Foster children in San Mateo County need CASA volunteers, but they are also in critical need of local foster parents.  This Saturday at the Central Park Recreation Center in San Mateo from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, CASA of San Mateo County will join it's partners to help inform prospective and new foster families about the numerous supports and services available.  

The need for safe, stable local homes is particularly acute in San Mateo County.  Roughly 45% of children from San Mateo County who have been removed from their parents for abuse, neglect, or abandonment are placed in homes outside of San Mateo County, often several hours away.  These moves compound the trauma of separation from their parents and local communities and makes providing basic service and supports to these children extremely difficult for child welfare workers, CASA volunteers, and others.  The need will only increase in the years to come, as the state of California embarks on an ambitious restructuring of out-of-home placement licensing and regulations known as Continuum of Care Reform.  Without an adequate number of foster homes, the child welfare system in San Mateo County simply cannot function as intended.  

If you would like to learn more about foster care, the child welfare system, or ways to support foster children, please join us this Saturday.