CASA Resumes Volunteer-Hosted Networking Meetings

CASA of San Mateo County was happy to resume its monthly networking meetings hosted by a volunteer on Tuesday, March 8. CASA Volunteer Terri Garnick generously offered her home to host over 30 of her fellow CASA volunteers to share food and their experiences. With some brand new graduates from our Winter 2016 training class and veteran volunteers with up to 10 years under their belt, numerous “generations” of CASA volunteers were there to share. The theme of the event was getting started with a CASA child. The energy was outstanding. After an hour of mingling and, well, networking, the group discussed some challenges to getting started with a hesitant CASA child. The wisdom of crowds was in full effect, with volunteers offering suggestions, tips, and approaches that have worked. Before we knew it, 8 pm arrived and it was time to give Ms. Garnick and her family their home back. This was an exciting night that was a reminder that our volunteers are part of a vibrant network of people who share a common desire to support the community's most vulnerable children. We will be doing this again in June at another lucky CASA volunteer's home.