Congratulations December CASA of the Month!

December 2016

 CASA of the month

Our amazing CASA Volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of foster children every day. They inspire and motivate. They are role models and advocates. They connect one-on-one and they are the only consistent relationship a child has during such a rough time. But most importantly, our San Mateo County CASA’s listen to the child they are serving when no one else is listening.

Every month, we like to spotlight one of these amazing individuals as CASA of the Month. This month we are pleased to feature Kathy Rinette.

Like, comment, and share to help honor this fantastic CASA Volunteer as well as spread awareness of what being a CASA for a foster child really is like and how incredible the process is not only for the child, but for the CASA.

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Introducing: Kathy Rinette

1.      Why did you decide to become a CASA?

o   I was deeply moved by the Lifetime movie America about a 17 year old boy in foster care.   The credits included CASA volunteer information & that's what got me started seven years ago. 

2.      What motivates you to continue your journey as a CASA, or to keep you meeting with your child, or to pick another case?

o   Knowing that a few hours a week can help a child and their families. Picking a case can be difficult as most are heartbreaking.  With the help of my supervisor I was able to decide on girls where I had the most to offer.  

3.      How long have you been a CASA Volunteer and how many children have you served?

o   I've been a CASA seven years & I've worked with three teenage girls.  

4.      What do you like best about volunteering with CASA?

o   Being a CASA proves that one person can make a difference in a child's life.  

5.      What was your favorite memory or outing you experienced with your CASA child?

o   I have two.  A lot of businesses offer their services to CASA children.   One of the girls learned how to horseback ride.  It was very rewarding to watch a city kid learn how to groom & ride a horse.  Google offered a Casa youth tour which allowed  my CASA teenager to explore an exciting & innovative  work environment

6.      How has being a CASA Volunteer positively impacted your life?

o   I have met so many wonderful caring people over the past seven years it's been an amazing experience from CASA staff & volunteers, probation officers, social workers, and of course the girls & their families.

7.      Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

o   I owned a balloon business & was at Candlestick Park waiting to do a 50k World Series balloon release when the earthquake struck.